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...there's a healing energy here that makes these essences some of the most powerful on Earth.

About Kaua`i Essences

  Now with more than 20 years in healing work with essences from Kaua`i flowers, master practitioner Ken Carlson offers you direct, personal access to this evolving art.

As Starmen Unlimited has grown, Ken has become obsessed with protecting the integrity of each essence during production and bottling. Ken also takes great pleasure in each reading provided to clients around the globe (often by video phone, these days).

Essences Overview

  We create healing tools that will help people awaken. These include guided meditation CD's that have helped thousands of people relax and move into higher states of consciousness. Our newest item is a mist containing Hawaiian Sandalwood hydrosol, essential oils and gem essences, called Lemurian Mist. We have received such wonderful reports of the healing effects of both. We encourage you to look at them in this website.

Flower Essence FAQ

- Why should I pick Kauai flower essences?
- What other essences are you offering?
- Who makes the essences?
- Who is Starmen Unlimited?
- How are flower essences made?
- When did people begin taking flower essences?
- How do I use the essences?

Kaua`i flower and gem essences are safe, non-toxic, and have no side-effects.

Starmen Essences Media

Listen to these brief audio clips:
- what flower essences do
- what to expect from me
- how it all started for me

Watch this Kaua`i TV interview (Part 1 & Part 2)  for more insight on the making and using of essences.

This short video introduces Ken's magical location and method for creating powerful essences.

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